The Desert Wagyu Brand

The Desert Wagyu brand is built around the concept of crafting a beautiful product in partnership with other Wagyu breeders. We wanted to incorporate the uniqueness of our beautiful Country, the craft of creating marbling in deprived conditions, but doing it together in partnership with the larger Wagyu community, as we are stronger together.

The Namib is the oldest desert with the highest dunes in the world. It is known for harsh, arid and hostile environment where nature has, in its own way, adapted life to thrive and survive. As Wagyu breeders and our Namibian Wagyu cattle have to adapt to not only survive but to thrive as ensuring intramuscular fat in our environment is a craft we need to master.

We can also learn from the desert as something so pure, simple and beautiful as a single grain of sand, accumulates to form enormous sand dunes. As with the beauty of the desert, Desert Wagyu, through collaboration, sharing of knowledge and skills, can create its own “dunes and wells”.

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