About Desert Wagyu

A new year, new Prospects for Namibian Wagyu Breeders

2021 marks the year when Namibian Wagyu breeders begin to finish oxen slaughter and supplying Wagyu beef products on the shelves in Namibia.

Desert Wagyu was established in 2020 with one goal:

To market and trade on behalf of all Namibian Wagyu breeders!

With only a handful of Wagyu breeders in Namibia, we have small quantities of breeding and commercial stock. However, as a collective, we share the vision to grow a strong market presence for our niche product, locally and internationally.

Where are we now?

  • We have a clear defined business and marketing strategy.

  • We are talking to key role players in Namibia to ensure successful route-to-market strategies and consumer access at retail outlets.

  • We have established a network for training and support to scan and grade marbling in Wagyu carcasses according to international best practice.

  • Training to optimize Wagyu carcass processing, deboning and cuts according to Wagyu specifications.

  • We have developed a solid local launching campaign for the full 2021.

  • We are continuing to build a local and international network to support us on Wagyu intelligence going forward.

We invite all Namibian Wagyu breeders to contact us, and support the initiative.

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