King Wagyu. A family united through agriculture and the vision to feed the nation with a healthy, top quality, internationally sought after beef product. Their foundation stud is sired by the likes of Itoshigenami Jnr, Haruki II, Shigeshigetani and Itomichi 1/2. They also run a commercial herd with cross breeding Akaushi and Japanese Black with Angus, Sussex and Bonsmara. The King Wagyu feedlot is also available for other wagyu breeders to ensure consistent wagyu beef product through the Desert Wagyu brand.

Sand Dunes

Lauwater Wagyu. Sarel du Toit and his team has been in the agriculture industry for many years, from trading commodities to Arabian horse stud production. Their precision and skill are shown in their Wagyu stud and F1 production with Sussex and Beefmaster. Cattle are free roaming, grass-fed and then finished off in the feedlot to ensure quality and consistency in the Wagyu beef product. Their feedlot is used for other Wagyu breeders to finish off oxen to meet Desert Wagyu slaughter quality standards.


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DeBruin & Bianca Nienaber, proudly overseeing Wagyu production in Hochfeld

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Armand & Sonja Swanepoel proudly overseeing Lauwater Wagyu

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We also have other wagyu breeders contributing to the wagyu beef supply, through Desert Wagyu