Free range - Grass Fed - Hormone Free - 100% Namibian


The Namib is the oldest desert with the highest dunes in the world.  It is known for harsh, arid and hostile environment where nature has, in its own way, adapted life to thrive and survive.  Something so pure, simple and beautiful as a single grain of sand, accumulates to form enormous sand dunes. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said “What Makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well”.  

As with the beauty of the desert, Desert Wagyu, through collaboration, sharing of knowledge and skills, can create its own “dunes and wells”.  Our farms are situated in the traditional cattle farming area of Namibia.  The Wagyu cattle reared on the farms will supply Wagyu beef to the niche local and international markets.


Desert Wagyu is a branded Wagyu Beef product from Namibia. Our quality is guaranteed in compliance with the protocols of Farmer Assured Beef brand (FAN) endorsed by Namibian Meat Board, Namlits for traceablity and quality assurance according the Certified Wagyu Beef standards which is endorsed by Wagyu South Africa.  Exports to EU comply with the Cotonau Agreement.  The protocols support the values of sustainability, authenticity, quality, welfare and traceability. 


At the heart of the Desert Wagyu brand.


At the heart of the Desert Wagyu brand.


We proud ourselves in the production of high quality Wagyu beef products. This requires careful crafting of the full Wagyu beef value chain.  It starts with selection of the right genetics, followed by breeding, management, feeding, finishing, abattoir, processing and sales. Finishing of the cattle requires specialised feeding programs to obtain the desired marbling and carcass weight.

Our farms and feedlot facilities are situated at Lauwater Wes, 100 km south-east of Windhoek. There is also a regular supply of Wagyu cattle from other areas.

The feedlot facilities are also available to other Wagyu producers in Namibia and various options are available, e.g. selling Wagyu weaners to the feedlot, custom feeding, sales, etc.


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